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Wood chips

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Animal feed

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Plastics and aluminium

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White powder

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Plastic granulate

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Coloured powder

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Lab technician

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Woman with calf

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Glas with flames

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Tyres in front of container

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Power plant

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Plastic parts

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Plasma cutting

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Child in shopping trolley

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Landfill site

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Broken glas

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Team hands in front

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Globe with graduation hat

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Students with diploma

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Money in trouser pocket

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Team work

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Piggy bank

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Chain of people made from paper

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Selfie grandparents

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Grandparents with grandchildren

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House made of money

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Icon cutting coupon

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Icon house in hand

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Woman with green apple

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Yoga mat

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Dance lesson

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Person at the finishing line

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Football with net


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Team high five

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Head symbol with key

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Personal development

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Woman pointing towards something

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Castle Neuschwanstein

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Coffee beans

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Stacked timber

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Goal without plan

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Man on top of mountain



World map

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Pin flags

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Merry Christmas

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Cloud background

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Icon shopping basket

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UWT worldwide

UWT GmbH - Level Control

The UWT Headquarter in Betzigau

Westendstr. 5
87488 Betzigau, Deutschland

Tel: +49 831 57123-0
Fax: +49 831-57123-10

Contact: Kevin Walter

Route Planner

Adpro-Instruments / Member of UWT Group

Foundation of a production plant in Malta


Second UWT production plant in:

Paola, Malta

UWT (UK) Ltd

Foundation of the sales subsidiary UWT (UK) Ltd.

20 Main Road, Dorrington
SY5 7JW, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

Tel:  +44 1743 718883
Fax: +44 1743 718883

Contact: Graeme Hughes

UWT Level Controls LLC

Foundation of the joint venture with "UWT LLC"

4445 Malone Road
P.O. Box 18769
38118, Memphis TN, USA

Contact: Don Crader / David Spratlin

Tel: +1 901 531 6090
Fax: +1 901 531 6095


UWT Level Control India Pvt. Ltd.

The subsidiary in India

Head Office:
UWT Level Control India Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No 52 Udyog Vihar Phase-VI
Sector 37 122001
Gurugram-Haryana, India

Phone: +91 124 412 1600
Fax: +91 124 412 1611 


Contact: Sumit Majumder
Managing Director
Mobile: +91 9830879115

Flat – 3B, 9 Majhipara Road
James Long Sarani
Kolkata – 700 063, India

North Regional Office:
UWT Level Control India Pvt Ltd.
Plot No 52 Udyog ViharPhase-VI
Sector 37 122001
Gurugram-Haryana, India

Phone: +91 124 412 1600
Fax: +91 124 412 1611 

Contact: Prakhar Kapoor
Asst. Area Manager
Mobile: +91 971 721 3939

West Regional Office:
UWT Level Control India Pvt Ltd.
RK Plaza, Survey No. 206/3
Plot No. 17 Viman Nagar
Pune-411014, India

Phone: +91 202 674 1000
Fax: +91 202 674 1001 

Contact: Vikas Kirange 
Area Manager
Mobile: +91 8698904455 

East Regional Office:
UWT Level Control India Pvt. Ltd.
Flat – 3B, 9 Majhipara Road
James Long Sarani
Kolkata – 700 063, India

Contact: Sunirmal Bardhan
Regional Manager
Mobile: +91 9830400715

South Regional Office:
UWT Level Control India Pvt. Ltd.
No-23, 21st Street
J B Estate, Avadi
Chennai 600 054, India

Contact: Mr. J. Yuvaraj
Asst. Area Manager
Mobile: +91 9840504819


Central India Office:
UWT Level Control India Pvt. Ltd.
House No. E-13, First Floor
Vardhman Green Park, Ashoka Garden
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462023

Contact: Mr. Gaurav Kaushik
Assistant Area Manager – Central India
Mobile: +91 9650695507

UWT RUS Level Measurement LLC

Foundation of the sales subsidiary UWT RUS Level Measurement

Dorozhnaya St., 8 b. 1, Of. K2-220
117545 Moscow
Russian Federation

Phone: +7 499 723-75-73

Andrey Kireev
Phone: +7 915 400 3621

Stanislav Biryukov
Phone: +7 926 60 60 240


UWT International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

UWT China moves into new premises

1st Floor, Plant No. 7,
Lane 333, Zhujian Road
Huacao Town, Minhang District
201107, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86 216 4684193
Fax: +86 216 4696707

Contact: Wei Gao
E-Mail: wei.gao(at)


UWT subsidiary in Brazil

Rua Aguaçú 171,
Sala 102 – Bloco Ipê - Alphaville
13098-321 Campinas - SP


Contact: Jose Antonio Zaatar
E-Mail: contato(at)