The Rubber Industry

For demanding applications found within the rubber industry, UWT can deliver individual, custom made level control solutions according to the requirements.  Requirements such as ease of maintenance, complete reliability and durable robustness.  By being able to select from a wide range of sensing weights, UWT can respond with total flexibility to the challenges posed by varying types of surface structures.

The challenge

Our customer required to automate the fill level measurement in a large number of carbon black storage silos. The measurement technology must operate reliably in a very dusty environment.

Our slolution

The rotating paddle detector ROTONIVO RN3000 series fulfills these extreme requirements. This is made possible through the high quality and the development of a special bearing and sealing in the tube, suitable for such dusty environments environment. With these features, the RN3000 series is predestined for such applications in many areas of the rubber sector.


With the following products our customer has solved this measurement task optimally:

RN 3004 Horizontal Tube Extension

Full, Demand, Empty Detector
Protection tube version

  • Horizontal, vertical and diagonal installation.
  • Extremely robust due to protection tube, able to withstand heavy mechanical load.

The challenge

Our customer required continous level measurement in several storage silos for carbon black which is used for the production of tyres. The particular challenge of this application is the extremely dusty environment, the low density of the carbon black and its stickiness.

Our solution

The UWT lot NB3200 fulfills the extreme demands of this application. The specially constructed sensor weight with a folding parachute cover prevents the sensor from sinking into the material and the integrated tape cleaner prevents strong contamination of the inner chamber. The NB3200 provides an exact and reliable measurement result. Neither strong dust development inside the silo, nor caking, nor the soft surface of the carbon black level adversely influence the UWT lot NB3200 measurement.


With the following products our customer has solved this measurement task optimally:

NB 3200 Tape Version

Continuous Level Measurement

  • Suitable for use in most bulk materials.
  • Integrated tape cleaner to remove aherent materials.
  • Mounting with threaded or flange connection.
  • Measuring range up to 50m.
  • Convenient level monitoring via Modbus interface together with cost competitive Nivotec 3500/4500.

The challenge

A worldwide renowned company in Mumbai, India is market leader for the production of off-highway tyre solutions. They requested full- and empty detection in the carbon black filled silos. The particular challenge within the measurement of carbon black is the high developement of dust and deposit build-up. Moreover, the surface density of carbon black is quite low.

Our solution

The rotary paddle switch of series ROTONIVO RN3000 is the best solution for this application. The customer decided to have the rope version of UWT‘s RN3002 with an extension length of l=1500mm and l=2500mm. Now, the full- and empty detection work reliably and precisly. The main advantages of the RN3002 is to be maintenance-free, reliable and robust


With the following products our customer has solved this measurement task optimally:

RN 3002 Tube Extension

Full Detector
Tube extension version

  • Vertical or oblique installation.
  • Protection tube ensures high mechanical load strength to the shaft.
  • Flexible height adjustment.

The challenge

Our customer, a tire recycling company, needed a low-level detection in a sieve for the rubber granulates after grinding old car tires. Despite the fact that the level limit switch was exposed to vibrations it was expected to provide reliable switching signals.

Our solution

With the UWT level limit switch of the capacitive series RF3100, UWT was able to solve this application. With the simple architecture of the capacitive sensor and its reliability, an optimum outcome was achieved. Using the “push button“ calibration the first setting is very easy to accomplish. Vibrations don‘t affect the operation of the low-level detector and it is also suitable for a long term-use.


With the following products our customer has solved this measurement task optimally:

RF 3100

RF3100 Standard Version

Full, Demand, Empty Detector

Shaft is selectable as
- Rod version (vertically, horizontally and oblique installation)
- Cable version (vertical installation)

Both versions are available as remote version (i.e. for use in applications/processes with heavy vibration)



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