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Industry Award “Industriepreis 2018”

Award for adjustable sensitivity of the single rod probe

The “Industriepreis” is the Industry Award given to the most advanced and innovative industry solutions in 14 categories - from automotive, and medical technology to suppliers. The “Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH” (Huber Publishing House for New Media Ltd) awarded the Industry Award to companies with high economic, social, technological and environmental values. The expert jury - made up of more than 30 professors and trade journalists - awarded UWT in the category “Production Engineering & Mechanical Engineering” with the prestigious title

- BEST OF 2018 for the adjustable sensitivity of the vibrating rod Mononivo®, which allows flexible use in a variety of products with different material properties. -


Background of the clever solution
In the most diverse process applications during the past years in the area of the measuring technology more frequently solutions were demanded, that can be implemented quickly and simple by common device characteristics world-wide. The focus is on high compatibility for different silo containers and process conditions as well as different material properties, such as consistency and bulk density. Accordingly, UWT GmbH expanded its product family with the vibrating level limit switch Mononivo® MN 4000, which is a single-rod probe with a very compact design. Equipping the sensor with the adjustable sensitivity at four different levels is an effective solution for users who need to cover a wide range of measuring points with different materials and who are looking for a compact and flexible solution.


Four positions for flexible content measurement in all industries
The innovative adjustable sensitivity of the Mononivo® 4000 makes the operation of these sensors absolutely flexible for use in materials with very different bulk densities and bulk material properties. The probes are factory set to position "III" to cover most applications. If the bulk material tends to caking, it is possible to change the setting switch to position "IV" to make the probe less sensitive. For light bulk material with little or no build-up, it can be switched to position "II" or "I" to make the probe more sensitive. Depending on the approximate bulk density, the corresponding setting can be selected. With its adjustable sensitivity, the MN vibrating rod offers a compact and user-friendly solution for plants where different materials are processed.

The plant operator can thus cover several different areas of application within his plants with just one sensor. Where he has to take care of several sensors when preparing his process containers, he finds with the MN vibrating rod a compact and transparent solution with flexible application possibilities. Thus many industries are covered, such as building materials industry (lime, foundry sand), food industry (milk powder, flour, salt), plastics industry (granules), wood industry, chemical industry, mechanical engineering and many more.

Example of different set-ups for the various material with different sensitivity:

I      Styrofoam, dry sawdust, silica

II      Cellulose, perlite

III     Corresponds to the factory setting: 150 g/l can be used to measure many common materials.
        If you go into the lighter area, the sensitivity is simply positioned to level I or II.

IV    For many bulk solids with a higher bulk density e.g. plastic granulates, sand and cement as well as
        raw materials from the building materials and grain industry.


High compatibility for transparent solutions
The demand on level sensors is very high when it comes to determine the level of different materials to be processed in silos and containers during the manufacturing. What is needed is a limit switch that is suitable for use in several different materials and that reliably detects them. Even in its standard version, the Mononivo® vibrating switch has high compatibility with the most common applications worldwide. Due to its compact construction including threads from 1" the unit is also suitable as an overfill detector within pipes and shafts. It is robust, easy to install without calibration and KIT solutions with application related product design are easy to implement. With the adjustable sensitivity in 4 levels, it can be configured precisely and without great effort to the respective application and can be integrated very smoothly into the configuration concept for measuring equipment of a system.



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INDUSTRIEPREIS 2018 Certificate

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